Board Meeting Overview

All meetings of the Board and its committees (except executive sessions to consider certain matters permitted by state law) are open to the public. To allow for the orderly transaction of business, citizens may speak only during designated input times.

  • Regular Board meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the Board Room of the Administrative Building, 2902 Lindbergh Drive.
  • Less formal Board meetings are held at noon on the fourth Tuesday of each month, also at the Administrative Building. These meetings typically provide background information on one or two timely topics.
  • Various committee meetings take place each month, usually during the noon hour. Meeting dates are chosen based on members' schedules. They are posted at the Administration Building, the Manitowoc Public Library, City Hall, and listed in the Herald Times Reporter.

Virtual Board Meetings 

Virtual Board Meetings are live streamed on YouTube
at the MPSD Board of Education Channel

November 10th 7:00PM Board of Education Meeting                                                       
November 19th 6:00PM Curriculum Committee Meeting
November 24th 11:00AM Budget and Finance Committee Meeting
November 24th 12:00PM Board of Education Meeting
November 30th 1:30PM Personnel Committee Meeting


Citizen Input

If you wish to speak at a Board meeting:

Who May Speak?

  • Any citizen - speaking for yourself or representing a group

When is Public Input Accepted?

  • At all regular Board of Education meetings (7 p.m., second Tuesday of each month)
    During the public input time on the agenda (near the beginning of the meeting)

Before You Speak

  • Fill out a Request to Speak form and give it to the Board secretary (Laurie Braun) or to any Board member.


  • The Board president will announce the public input time and, in turn, call the names of all who have submitted Request to Speak forms.
  • When your name is called, come forward and be seated at the Board table. Relax. The Board is happy to hear from you!
  • Give your name and address.
  • Make your remarks, trying to be brief and to-the-point.
  • Answer any questions the Board directs to you.


  • Please limit your remarks to five minutes.
  • Complaints about individuals and other matters not suitable for a public forum will be referred to appropriate personnel and not heard at a Board meeting.
  • The Board president will stop any speaker who does not follow guidelines or use good taste and judgment.
  • Persons who prefer to submit written remarks may do so on the Request to Speak form. Your remarks will be read aloud by the Board president or copied and distributed to all members.

Board Response

  • In most cases, the Board will not respond to your remarks during the meeting. Later, they may gather more information and/or pursue your issue in a variety of ways.
  • If you have asked a question or requested an inquiry, the district may send you a response within a week or two.

If you do not receive a follow-up letter, you can assume your remarks have been heard and placed on file for review.





Please add a description of the topic you would like to present to the Board.

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