Gifted and Talented District Policies

342.2 - Gifted and Talented
The Administration is authorized to organize and operate a program for students identified as gifted and talented.  [State Statute 118.35, 121.04 (1) (t)]

343.2 - Acceleration
The MPSD recognizes the need for educational alternatives for the highly gifted student.  These alternatives may include enrichment/acceleration within chronological grade level and acceleration beyond a specific grade level, subject, and or course included in the normal program and curriculum sequence.  Students below grade nine will be granted high school credit for advanced level courses which are the equivalent to or the same as high school level courses and are taught by teachers certified to teach grades 9-12. 

353 - Honor
Advanced placement and other honors programs may be provided to students.  The cost of testing for advanced placement in post-secondary programs shall be the responsibility of the individual student. 

421 - Entrance Age
Any child whose home is in the MPSD is eligible to enroll in kindergarten (grade 1) in September in the public school to which the child is assigned, provided the child shall be five (six) years of age on or before September 1 of that year.  A child whose birthday falls after September 1 may be tested and recommendation made to the parents regarding time of entrance into kindergarten (grade 1).   
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