Scholarships & Opportunities

Scholarships & Opportunities

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Sylvia Dunham West Loan

The MPSD is proud to offer graduates of Lincoln High School the opportunity to apply for a Sylvia Dunham West loan (AKA Lincoln Loan). The maximum educational loan is $2,000.00 per school year with the possibility of additional loans upon application to a maximum of five (5) years or $8,000.00 ($4,000.00 for technical schools). Loans are due and payable within 10 years of the receipt of the first loan. Students will not be charged interest while actively pursuing full-time study at an accredited school of higher education. Interest rates will be adjusted annually during periods when a student is enrolled less than full-time or following termination or graduation from school. Interest rates are approximately ½% less than the federal Stafford loan rate. A six (6) month deferment on interest charges will be given upon graduation. 

Applicants need to keep in mind that this loan is separate from Perkins, Stafford, and Great Lakes and this program doesn't fit anywhere into the criteria for loan consolidation or loan forgiveness at the time of graduation. 

Also, federal law dictates that if a student applies for an MPSD loan, they cannot be employed with Associated Banc-Corp or a subsidiary or affiliate of Associated Banc-Corp (“Associated”) at the time of application. If a student already has an MPSD loan, they can gain employment with Associated; however, the student cannot receive additional loans from MPSD nor can the terms of any outstanding loans with MPSD be changed after such employment begins. 

Please complete either the initial or additional loan application posted below.  Contact MPSD Business Services Secretary, Joyce Stuckmann at 920-686-4790 or with any questions on the loan application or process.

Loan Applications