Attendance Areas

Which school will my child attend?

4-year-old kindergarten

4-year-old kindergarten (4K) is a free, optional early learning program for children who are four years old by September first of any given year. 4K is regulated by the Department of Public Instruction and partially funded by the state of Wisconsin. More than two-thirds of Wisconsin school districts offer 4K.

In Manitowoc, 4K classrooms are located at Riverview School and at community sites in conjunction with local preschool and child care providers who have chosen to participate. Although every site has a cap on the number of children it can accommodate, all four-year-olds will receive a 4K placement. The following sites provide 4K:
  • Head Start (at Riverview)
  • Lakeshore Child Care Center 
  • MPSD Preschool (Riverview)    
  • YMCA


All kindergartners attend the Riverview Early Childhood Center. Free busing is provided.


The MPSD has six elementary schools serving grades one through six. City attendance areas are color-coded on the map below. Outside the city limits, students residing north of Middle Road go to Stangel. Those south of Middle Road attend Monroe.

Important Notice for Elementary Parents

Before purchasing a home or making a rental decision, please confirm the school assignment for a particular address by calling us at 920-683-4777. Do this especially if the residence is located in a growth area. Schools for new streets are assigned based on available classroom space, bus routes, and other factors. Moreover, all attendance areas are subject to change based on school enrollments. 

Junior High

The Manitowoc Public School District has two junior high schools. With some exceptions, students who attend north side elementary schools (Jackson, Madison, Stangel) move on to Wilson. Students who attend south side elementary schools (Franklin, Jefferson, Monroe) move on to Washington.

High School

Most students attend Lincoln High School. McKinley Academy is an alternative high school operated under the MPSD umbrella. It provides a strong core curriculum for about 60 students who do better with activity-based learning in a self-contained atmosphere similar to an elementary school.

Attendance Area Maps