Health Information & Absences

Parent Notification

If a student becomes injured or ill during school hours, a parent will be notified. It is vital to have current home, work, and emergency phone numbers made available to the school and updated as necessary.


State law requires immunizations of all students.


If your child is taking any medications (prescription or over-the-counter) during school, the office must be notified and proper forms need to be completed. The medications must be in the original, properly labeled container and must be kept in the main office in a locked area. School personnel cannot administer medications unless these guidelines are followed.

Questions may be directed to the school nurse

Student Absences

On days that a student will not be attending school, it is important that a parent informs the office as soon as possible. If the office is not notified, a parent will be contacted at home or work to verify the absence and reason for it.