Welcome to Wisconsin Winter Weather

Welcome to Wisconsin Winter Weather
Posted on 01/24/2019

Wisconsin weather sometimes makes getting to and from school challenging.  When the weather is bad, the Manitowoc Public School District follows a process for deciding if and when schools will be open or closed. The district must make a decision that is the best for all students. We encourage and strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your child(ren). You are the best judge of your child’s health and safety.

If you do decide to keep your child(ren) home on a day when school is in session, please be sure to contact your child’s school to report the absence.

When are schools closed because of extreme cold?

When the National Weather Service has a wind chill WARNING (wind chills 35 below or colder for more than one hour) for the Manitowoc area in effect for the time just before the school day begins, we will make a decision if our schools should close. It is likely we will make this type of closing decision on the morning of the day in question.

When MPSD schools are closed for the day, it also means that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are canceled. This includes all MPSD programs and all after-school programs.

Should weather conditions improve dramatically during the course of the day, high school co-curricular activities may be held. An announcement through local media and our website will communicate that information.

It is our goal to make weather related closing or delay decisions prior to 6:00 a.m. or earlier.  We will then communicate the delay or closure through our school messenger to all families. We will also communicate to all local news outlets and post the closure or delay on the district’s website and social media.