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TITLE I:  A Collaborative Home School Partnership for Student Success


What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The purpose of Title I is to enable all children to meet high academic standards.  Under Title I legislation, schools and families form partnerships to help students who need support in meeting high academic standards. School districts receive financial assistance from the federal government to provide support to qualifying schools in the district.


Which schools in the MPSD qualify for Title I funding?

Schools in which the percentage of low-income families is at or above the district average are eligible for Title I services.  The following schools receive Title I funding school wide: Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, McKinley and Washington.  

In s
chool-wide Title I schools, all students in the school may participate in Title I services.  All parents and families with children in the school may participate in Title I parent and family involvement activities.


Riverview is a Targeted Assistance School where students are selected to receive Title I services by specific criteria to receive Title I assistance (teacher recommendation, classroom performance, test results). Parents and families of students receiving Title I assistance are also eligible for Title I parent and family opportunities. 


Parents are crucial to student success

Research clearly shows parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. Children learn language and numeracy by interacting with their parents. In addition, parents influence their child’s educational attitudes, habits, and interests. In Title I, parents and teachers build a close, cooperative partnership. Parents help to plan and review their school and district Title I program. Local involvement ensures that the program meets the needs of Title I students. Parents are also encouraged to participate in Title I parent/child workshops, and family events that support the joy of learning together.


Teacher Interventionists personalize learning experiences

Title I teachers provide specialized instruction to reinforce and supplement classroom learning.  They design reading or math lessons that involve children in a variety of learning experiences.  This flexible programming takes place within the regular classroom or in a separate Title I classroom. Title I teachers work with families to share strategies and techniques to help their children become more successful.


Title I is a partnership

The MPSD has a family involvement policy, which outlines the ways families can be involved in their child’s Title I program.  The family, the school, and the student also develop a compact outlining the role of each in the learning partnership. This shared responsibility increases the potential for student success.  Staff development is an essential component in all Title I programs. This assures that all children have highly qualified teachers. Parents and educators decide how Title I funds will be used.

For questions on Title funding, please contact Pam Lensmire at lensmirep@mpsd.k12.wi.us or Jason Bull at bullj@mpsd.k12.wi.us



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