Acronyms & Abbreviations


AAC= Augmentative and Alternative Communication

ABC=Academic Booster Club

ABS= Adaptive Behavior Scale

ACT= American College Test

ADA= Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD= Attention-Deficit Disorder

ADHD= Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

AGI= Average Gross Income

AP=Advanced Placement courses

APE= Adaptive Physical Education

ASD= Autistic Spectrum Disorder

ASL= American Sign Language

AT= Assistive Technology

AYP= Adequate Yearly Progress


BD= Behavior Disorders

BIP= Behavior Intervention Plan

BP= Behavior Problems


CCSS= Common Core State Standards

CESA = Cooperative Educational Service Agency

CD= Cognitive Disorder

CFR= Code of Federal Regulations

CMP = Comprehensive Musicianship Project = A teaching model used in the MPSD Music Department.  Teachers create meaningful & comprehensive lesson plans with the help of five basic points:  Analysis, Outcomes, Strategies, Assessment, & Music Selection.

CP= Cerebral Palsy

CPM= College Preparatory Mathematics

CPR= Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation

CST= Child Study Team


DD= Developmental Delay/ Disabilities

DEP= Differentiated Education Plan

DHH= Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DHS= Department of Human Services

DPI = Department of Public Instruction

DRA= Developmental Reading Assessment

DSE= Director of Special Education or Division of Special Education

DVR= Division of Vocational Rehabilitation


E/BD= Emotional/Behavior Disorders

EBP = Evidence Based Practice

EC= Early Childhood

EEG= Electroencephalogram

EI= Early Intervention

EKG= Electrocardiogram

ELA= English Language Arts

ELL= English Language Learner

ESEA= Elementary and Secondary Education Act

ESL= English as a Second Language


ESY= Extended School Year


FAB= Functional Analysis of Behavior

FAPE= Free and Appropriate Public Education

FBA= Functional Behavioral Assessment

FTE= Full-Time Equivalent


GED= General Equivalency Diploma

GT= Gifted and Talented


HHS= Health and Human Services

HI= Hearing Impairment


IB= International Baccalaureate Program 

IDEA= Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (formerly EHA)

IEE= Independent Education Evaluation

IEP= Individualized Education Program

IFSP= Individual Family Service Plan

IRS= Internal Revenue Service

ISP= Individual Service Plan


K-12= Kindergarten through Grade Twelve


LD= Learning Disability

LEA= Local Education Agency

LEP=Learning English Pupil

LRE= Least Restrictive Environment

LSW= Licenced Social Worker


MA= Medical Assistance also referred to as Medicaid

MD= Muscular Dystrophy

MH= Mental Health

MH= Multiple Handicap

MI= Mental Illness

MPH= Indicates a Master’s Degree in Public Health

MR= Mental Retardation


NAMI= National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

NICHCY= National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

NIMH= National Institute of Mental Health


OCD= Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCR= Office for Civil Rights

ODD= Oppositional Defiant Disorder

OE= Open Enrollment

OHI= Other Health Impaired

OI= Orthopedic Impairment

OT= Occupational Therapy


PAC= Parent Advisory Council

PASS= Plan for Achieving Self-Support

PBS= Positive Behavioral Supports

PCA= Personal Care Assistant

PDD= Pervasive Developmental Disorder

PH= Physically Handicapped

PI= Physically Impaired

PP= Paraprofessional

PT= Physical Therapy

PTA= Parent Teacher Association

PTO= Parent Teacher Organization


RFP= Request for Proposal

ROM= Range of Motion

RtI= Response to Intervention


SAT= Scholastic Aptitude Test

SB= Spina Bifida

SBAC= Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium: Smarter Balanced is a state-led consortium developing assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards and will be replacing the current WKCE.

SE= Special Education

SI= Sensory Integration

SLP = Speech & Language Pathologist

SNF= Skilled Nursing Facility

SRI=Scholastic Reading Inventory

SS= Social Services

SSDI= Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI= Supplemental Security Income

SSN= Social Security Number

STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


TBI= Traumatic Brain Injury

TDD= Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

TITLE 1= A federally funded program under the Elementary & Secondary Education Act. The purpose of Title 1 is to enable all children to meet high academic standards.

TTY= Teletypewriter


VA= Visual Acuity

VI= Visual Impairment

Voc Ed= Vocational Education


WEB= Where Everybody Belongs

WIC= Program for Women, Infants and Children (Nutrition, Education and Food)

WKCE= Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Exam

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