Common Core State Standards

The 5 W's of Common Core State Standards

What are the Common Core State Standards?

Common Core State Standards define the common academic standards across the nation. All students across the nation are learning the same thing at the same grade level. The Common Core Standards emphasize both college and career readiness.

Who developed the Common Core State Standards?

These Standards were created by a joint initiative of the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, with the support of Achieve, ACT and College Board. Although the standards have been adopted by nearly every state, they are titled "state standards" because they were created by state officials, not the federal government.

Why were the Common Core State Standards developed?

Currently, every state has it's own set of academic standards, meaning students are learning different content at different rates. All students must be prepared for a global society that encompasses not only their peers in the next state, but with students around the world. These Standards were developed with representatives from participating states, a wide range of educators, content experts, researchers, national organizations and community groups. The final standards reflect the invaluable feedback from teachers, parents, business leaders and content area experts.

Where can I get a copy of Common Core State Standards?

The Standards are available online at

When will the Common Core State Standards be implemented?

In Wisconsin, the English Language Arts and Math standards have a 3 phase roll-out plan that is coordinated through the CESAs.

Phase 1 2010-2011: Focus on Understanding the Standards and Implications for instruction

Phase 2 2011-2012:  Focus on Curriculum Alignment

Phase 3 2012-2015:  Focus on the Integration of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction in preparation for the new state Summative Assessment System in 2014-2015. (This assessment will replace the WKCE).

For more information on what's happening specifically in Wisconsin with the Common Core State Standards, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction web-site at:

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