District Goals

GOAL  1 (Learning and Teaching)

Math Goal:

We have data for grades K-6, but we need to identify and provide universal assessments for students in grades 7-12.  We will continue to participate in state required assessments; however, we will identify assessments that we can use to check our progress over time.


Identify assessments with local universal data to determine ongoing progress

  • AMU, Riverside,

  • 7-12 (TBD)

Identify and administer local universal assessments

Use local data for multiple administration periods to monitor ongoing progress

Indicators of success would be State Assessments at the end of 2016

Create a District Math Leadership Team to build capacity for professional development and leadership in the PLC process (K-12)

ELA Goal:

We have more student data in ELA than Math, but we need to identify what assessments we will use to monitor student progress over time in the secondary level.  

Continue to monitor and identify universal assessments

Elementary By 2017-2018 80% of students

67% of students in elementary schools are proficient and advance

Fountas & Pinnell validity and reliability

Create a DIstrict Literacy Leadership Team to build capacity for comprehensive literacy plan, professional development and leadership in PLC process

GOAL 2-= MPSD School Community Positive Character Traits

This goal will support several positive character traits not only for our students, but also for our staff.  We would like to identify a baseline for improvement on attributes that will lead to student academic success.

Improve MPSD School-community Character Traits (ALL staff and students … including Board)

MPSD School Engagement

Create baseline data to determine current state (status)

Elementary School Initial Training in PBIS and data tracking with SWIS

Attendance,student participation, graduation rate, reduction of referrals, etc.

GOAL 3 - Communication

Create a comprehensive communication plan Strong Schools = Strong Community

Idea: “all stakeholders have an investment in our community AND pass a referendum.”